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Welcome everyone!

I hope you use this forum to connect with others like yourself. There's mo limits to the topics. We could go on all day about treasure sites, or a good legend that's waiting to be found. You can post pics about the camping trip you just back from, a great coin you just found with your metal detector, a new historical discovery... the possibilities are endless. Please keep in mind that when you post your story, mention what state your in. This forum is for everyone in all 50 states. That way we can all learn that there are many different stories and treasures in every state of America. 

I hope that you all share your adventures and help each other out with questions and help grow this community. My hope is that Treasures in America becomes a grand central station for all to use with many different resources. One thing that I have learned in the last couple years is that knowledge comes in numbers. We can work together and really make some great stories, discoveries, and much more. 

I've seen a hole in the treasure hunting community and Treasures in America would like to fill that hole by supplying everyone with the right tools. If you have any questions let me know. Remember everyone, work together and be nice. Everyones knowledge and research is different and if we put the pieces of the puzzle together, perhaps we can be successful. Remember, Find Your Adventure!

Timothy C Draper
Treasures in America
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